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Nikon D700

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“Nikon”:http://dcviews.com/press/Nikon-D700.htm just introduced a full frame camera that is 12MP and will really put heavy pressure on the Canon 5D. Just like the Nikon 300D really trounces the Canon EOS-40D by being fast, so the D700 is going to put pressure on Canon. Oh why did I go with Canon lenses???

Next Full Frame Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D700 and Sony too

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With Nikon’s strong product line and the D60 and D300 and Canon needs to reply (and those of us with Canon lenses are praying). Nikon has doubled its market share in the last two years, so Canon is really in an interesting position (read, they don’t have products to defend share). “Canonrumors.com”:http://canonrumors.com provides those of…