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DxO v5 sadness and alternatives

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I’ve loved DxO for a while because it handles distortion correctly. Sadly the move to “5.0”:http://luminous-landscape.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26493 has gone poorly with lots of crashes and even with 5.2, people are still complaining about poor conversion and so forth. It’s not the only example of software taking giant steps backwards. Kind of sad. I have noticed that…

Using Raw, DxO and Photomatix together

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Well, as I’ve been using various programs, it is pretty clear that you have to be pretty careful about using the different programs. Some things you want to do earlier and some later. For instance, you probably want to sharpen last as this really changes the bits. “Larry Gerbrandt”:http://photos.larrygerbrandt.com/2007/07/24/hello-world/ has some recommendations on workflow that…

Which RAW converter to use? DxO 5.1?

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I’ve been using DxO v4.5 with good results but the problem is that DxO 5.0 remains quite unstable. In a side-by-side comparison, Lightroom came off as the most decent, but it doesn’t have distortion correction. Almost means I have to stick with Canon’s own DPP which has distortion correction. Apparently DxO 5.1 is now out…

Mac Scanning

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OK, now I’m going to retire our old ASUS laptop I use for scanning images with an old Minolta DiImage 5400 (now discontinued, but still very functional as a 5400 dpi slide and film scanner). Fortunately, the really great “VueScan”:http://www.hamerick.com is available in a Macintosh version, so I don’t lose anything going to a MacBook…

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