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Making email the proper center again

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What a mess this quarantine lifestyle is. I have literally half a dozen channels I have to monitor from email to Slack to iMessage to Whatsapp to Signal to Teams. Then I have notifications from a host of products from Mac Calendar to Github to Trello. So one thing about this exploration of different mailers…

Editing Markdown with Vi and copying in Email

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Many times, when you are documenting a project, you just want to copy in some email. This turns out to be quite difficult to do, so here’s a guide: If you do a simple copy and paste into a text file, the indents are going to be horrible as is the word wrap. A simple…

Mac Mail has stuck messages in Outbox

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Mail stuck in OUTBOX … The problem is a corrupt Outbox. I read about this onthe ATT trouble shooting site. Delete the Outbox andmail will create a new one. This solved my problem withemail sitting the Outbox forever and never being sent.To be safe, I dragged my Outbox to…

Unassigning players

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More soccer entries, if someone doesn’t want to play after they are registered and assigned, # Send an email to the parents via find member # Wait until you get email from the parents as you can’t just change things # First find their team, click on the league, select the fields last name, first…

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