Picking the right Ethernet cables aka getting to cat 6a and cat8

The short story is that the world is moving from unshielded to unshielded twisted pair also known as cat 8. This is more difficult to layout etc and expensive but with bandwidth up to 40gbps it’s really got way more upside to it. So great for new home builds. It costs $15 for two six […]

Debugging Ethernet Wiring

(More election news avoidance posting, man I had a lot of mystery cables running around the house and it has been a good distraction from paying too much attention to the results. But here are some quick notes if you find that there are just wires hanging around your house. But here is what you […]

Managing an internal Network 2020

Well, it does seem like a network at home has gotten really complicated. Our house has over 30 different IP devices alone and trying to manage all of them is definitely not easy. Here are some notes: Moving to Power over Ethernet using 802.11af. Lots of new devices support it, in particular the Unifi collection […]

Time Machine Slow Initial Backup

We’ve found Time Machine incredibly, incredibly slow on the initial backup. Even with gigabit ethernet, it would backup may 3GB after 2 hours. With the way we use machines at work, it would just start over all the time. “Macrumors.com”:http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=379066 has some advice about what to do: * Turn off Time Machine * If you […]

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