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Argh: iOS Mail chews up half you phone

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Argh, this has really been a problem. I’ve constantly found that with a 64GB iPhone X, I’m running out of space all the time. I’ve kicked off a huge number of applications, but I’m constantly 99% full. In looking at Setttings > General > iPhone Storage, almost 40% of the system is taken up by…

Argh Airplay 2 is still broken for streaming audio and video

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Well, for a long time I’ve been using Rogue Amoeba (a great name!) Airfoil. This plugs itself into the Mac sound system and lets you stream content to just about everything. From Chromecast, to anything else. Apple introduce Airplay 2 which does the same thing. This works at the application level. That is if you…

How To Connect iPhone Or iPad Files App To Mac Via SMB [Tutorial] – iOS Hacker

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In this step by step tutorial we will show you how you can enable SMB and use your iPhone or iPad’s Files app to access the files stored on your Mac’s hard drive. This a super useful new nerd feature. The new Files application on iOS 13 has three dots at the top. If you…

Argh iOS Bluetooth connects but won’t play audio

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Well this has happened on both iOS 12.4.1 for our iPhone X and iPad Pro. With the Sony WH1000M3 and the Apple AirPod, if you connect it to an iOS device, then you will see the phone connects, but when you try to play music, the magic output button doesn’t show the Bluetooth headset. Instead,…

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