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OMG was I hacked or is the hard disk just full

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Think we were hacked on Tongfamily at 5AM this morning. Found that we were stuck at the home page going to the WP install page. There are many “notes”:http://wordpress.org/support/topic/180772/page/2 about this, but it can happen because of a weak password on your FTP or your WordPress admin accounts. I have both and have changed all…

Adeona laptop recovery

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9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence We think this looks really useful, it’s a new and free service to help you get your laptop back if it is lost or stolen. Free and private solution, “Adeona”:http://adeona.cs.washington.edu/index.html launched today, put together by researchers at Washington and California (San Diego) univerisites. This is the first Open…

Lost Sunglasses

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I’ve been using beatup sunglasses for a few years now, but I’ve always wanted to get another set of “Oakley M Frame”:http://www.sunglasses-int.com/09-130.html or whatever is the coolest set these days. I still have a bunch of the blades and somehow lost my bright yellow ones. These are $110 now, so a little bit less than…