F2 in Mac

Well, F2 on the Mac changes the screen brightness on MacBooks, but when you are in Excel, you want F2 to be brightness and F4 to be change cell references from absolute and so forth. With the F8-F12 this isn’t an issue, you can unmap those to get to F9 which is recalc by just […]

Cool Tool, iphone availability and early reviews

“Apple”:http://www.apple.com/retail/iphone/availability.html has a tool showing what is available where. The stores open at 8AM. Amazing the demang. All models except the Black 16GB in Alderwood Mall are available at all four Seattle area stores in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Seattle and Tukwila. 16GB Black not surprisingly is the most popular model. And there are activation issues that […]


!>http://www.headphone.com/productphotos/small/0020331310_2560.jpg! After our most recent trip, nearly all of our earbuds have simply died. Usually, the little cable breaks, so what to do if you need a lot of these and they take abuse. “Headphones.com”:http://headphones.com has some of the best reviews I’ve seen. It is how I originally got the Etymotic ER-6i and ER-4p and […]

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