Quick crib notes and checklist for creating a new entity or company

OK I spend so much time making new companies or non-profits these days, it’s useful just to have a quick checklist for things to do: Pick a credit card that you will use for this that is easy to separate from your personal expenses, this will make taxes much easier! Use Namecheap to get a […]

Silicon Valley Bank Discounts

Wow, SVB sure has a great collection of discounts for startups. These are mainly about existing programs, but there are some good ones: AWS. They have a startup program that gets you $1K off on the first charges. Google Cloud. Similar one, up to $100K depending on how much they like you. Zoom. 20% you […]

Using DocuSign as a repository for startups

Well, if you are not going to pay for DocuSign in all it’s glory, here’s a simple way to manage critical documents. That is things with signatures for your startup that you are worried about. Send from admin account but don’t sign there The process is a little convoluted because you want to make sure […]

Connecting an Silicon Valley Bank account to Paypal

Well if you don’t have a company debit card, then one easy way to make regular payments is via Paypal. Here is how you can do it: Login to your SVB Account and create a Direct Connect PIN. You use this PIN to connect SVB to a variety of financial services like Paypal and Expensify. […]

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