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GetLocal.com | Your Neighborhood Connection Get Local is a locally owned and operated small business by people who live and work in Seattle just like the people we serve! We may be small but we are fully dedicated in our mission to help local businesses and improve the lifestyle of Seattle residents. powered by performancing…


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!>http://popsugar.com/files/images/heather_locklear2_1.jpg!:http://popsugar.com Simon and I had a great conversation abourt where the web is headed. There are an amazing number of vertical sites now like POPSUGAR | Insanely Addictive. Heather and David have been hanging out all summer, and with the end of the summer comes the end of this romance. Heather has decided it’s just…


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Since I’ve been traveling, I’ve been way off of my goal of logging onto 10 Web 2.0 sites a day. Sorry! but here are the latest: !http://www.blinklist.com:8080/Theme/Graphic/Blinklist.gif!:http://blinklist.com/richt This looks like a delicious clone, but it has been getting impressive increase in traffic according to “Alexa”:http://www.alexa.com/data/details/main?q=&url=www.blinklist.com and is now 4000 after just a year. Seems related…

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