Fortune article on Microsoft and a note on Eric

Was searching for an old friend Eric and found this incredible article about Microsoft. I’m sure there are a zillion copyright issues, but it is great reading. So strange to be reading about so many folks I actually know. And to hear: Inside the deal that made Bill Gates $350M Fortune, July 21, 1986 v14 […]

PC Video Encoding

I blew up my main video machine. Too much crud on it. So here is the fresh installation: # Sony Vegas Platinum. I only have v6, but it is up to v8. While Adobe Premier might work for the real afictionados it is too complicated for me. The tricky part is making anamorphic standard definition […]

Compact Florescent Light Bulb Guide

There are zillion new CFLs around and it is so confusing. “Popular Mechanics”: did a review of them that seems to be the only up to date one. Going to Loews was so confusing. They cost between $1-$12 each and the lifetimes, colors and so forth seem so different. Here’s a quick summary: * CFLs […]

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