Tom’s Hardware Guide CPU Guide: Athlon XP 2100 : AMD Turns Up The Heat – Conclusion: The Athlon XP 2100 Outclasses the Pentium 4/2200 The unveiling of the Athlon XP 2100 propels the Palomino core to its penultimate level – according to unofficial comments, AMD will present the Athlon XP 2200 in a matter of only a few weeks. The presently fastest Athlon XP runs at 1733 MHz, while the Athlon XP 2200 runs at a clock speed of 1800 MHz. Interesting note as I build my next machine. I think I’ll take my current server and make it a desktop and then get an Athlon XP 2200 with DDR 333 board. That should be about $500 or so to get roughly 4x the performance. What a change from 3 years ago!

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