The Home Theater SPot!: D-VHS


The Home Theater SPot!: D-VHS in 1080i reviewed at widescreen review For those Mits owners out there.
Your Mitsubishi HDTV is upgradable with the Promise Module. The Promise Module will add an internal HDTV OTA turner, IEEE1394(i.Link, DTVLink) ports and digital audio output. The release data for the Promise Module will be made during Mits new line dealer show ocurring the first two weeks of April.
Any Mits HDTV set with the Promise Module can connect to the firewire ports of the JVC and Mits D-VHS VCRs. You can count on the Mits being totally compatible with the Promise Module. Currently I have no data on the compatablity of the JVC with the Promise Module.
So if there any Mits Intergrated HDTV ouwners out there, one of you could do us all a favor and test the compatablity of the Mits Firewire with the JVC.