Tom's Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide:

Tom’s Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide: SiS 645DX – Is This The Best Chipset For The P4? – Memory Problem: DDR333 Is Still Rare on the Market. OK, in buying a new system, the big question is, the new Pentium 2500 will be 133 FSB and have incredible memory throughput for video but use RDRAM which […]

Buy the right software Here's

Buy the right software Here’s a quote from them. I’m assuming that I get a fireware on the motherboard for Grace’s computer… The MOST important decision you are going to make when you get started in digital video editing is picking the right software for you. As you probably know, there are several very inexpensive […]

Videoguys makes an EIDE RAID

Videoguys makes an EIDE RAID Controllers suggestion If you have a fasttrak or any other IDE Raid controller and you are dropping frames or simply not getting the performance you expect, try this great tip. Your computer will act like you’ve increased your CPU Power, Windows will open faster, your system will be more stable, […]

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