Buy the right software Here's


Buy the right software
Here's a quote from them. I'm assuming that I get a fireware on the motherboard for Grace's computer...
The MOST important decision you are going to make when you get started in digital video editing is picking the right software for you. As you probably know, there are several very inexpensive NLE software titles that come bundled with FireWire cards for $100 or less. We feel most of these are not a good choice. We recommend that you pick one of these 3 programs for getting started:
Pinnacle Studio 7.
This is the latest version of Pinnacle's very intuitive and easy to use Studio software. What makes this program such a good choice for beginning editors is the simplicity. Everything is drag & drop. Studio 7 can automatically scan and capture your footage for you. Studio 7 integrates some very powerful programs into it's bag of tricks. You get TitleDeko for your titling, Hollywood FX for some very cool 3D transitions, Quicktracks for creating your sound tracks and Smart Capture. Smart Capture is super cool. It lets you capture low-resolution proxy files of your video ? saving you TONs of disk space. You do all your editing using these proxy files, then when you are ready to go, Smart Capture goes back and captures only the footage you are using in your production in FULL DV resolution. Another very big plus for beginners is that Studio 7 gives you both storyboard and timeline based editing.
Ulead Media Studio Pro 6.5
This isn't the low end Video Studio software; it is the full-featured program. I've been a huge fan of MS Pro since version