Daily Peloton – International Cycling News Selle Italia SLR Evolution & SLR Leather Saddles
Review by Gary Kristensen
Army Cycling Union
The SLR Evolution saddle is very light weight at 125 grammes. It is made from carbon fibre with titanium rails and has no padding at all! It is surprisingly comfortable to sit on and looks great in a carbon effect pattern, but functionally it is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
The reason for this is in the front or nose section of the saddle. It is as narrow as any other saddle I have tried, but is not
rounded off down the sides. This causes the edges to rub away the insides of your shorts at an alarming rate of knots! I
rode one for 3.5 hours and it had eaten through the first layer of my Lusso Aqua Repel bibtight crotch patch seemingly
with no effort!
A better option is the Selle Italia SLR Leather saddle. This is basically identical to the carbon bodied kit eater, but has a
svelte 10 grammes extra in the way of padding. The padding is thin but noticeable enough to be comfortable and it does
just enough to fend off the kit eating problem. The weight of this is a mere 135 grammes and it comes in black or black.
On a cost, you can pick up the SLR for about ?90, but you’ll be sending it back after the first ride, believe me. The
Leather SLR retails around the ?55 mark and is much better value for money.

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