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Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine: Fieldtest February 2002 - Ultralight Fishing Tackle Ultralight spin fishing uses soft-action rods intended to function with 1- to 4-pound test monofilament like micro-thin Tectan ($7.49, Cabela's, (800) 237-4444) or braided Fireline ($15.45, Pure Fishing, (877) 777-3850) and thumbnail-size 1/32- to 1/4-ounce lures. By bending, these flexible rods allow a fighting fish to be shock-dampened, thus preventing low test lines from breaking on the first strong run.
Between these extremes in length are the soft-tipped snap-cast rods like the reasonably priced 6'6" Daiwa Procaster-S-B ($34.95, Daiwa USA, (562) 802-9589). This two-piece rod has a custom look, but beyond aesthetics, it offers outstanding rod action, especially when combined with the Daiwa SS II 1500-C Spinning Reel ($149.95, Daiwa USA).
For micro-spinning, the most advanced rod is the three-piece, 6'3" Escape ($225, G. Loomis), with a classic action for tiny reels like the T-2 Pinnacle ($49.95, Pinnacle, (803) 794-8521).