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J & N Computer ServicesWe specialize in providing tested Motherboard Bundles, shipped UPS Ground at no extra charge. These are motherboard / CPU / Memory combinations pre-configured and pre-tested before packaging and shipping.
Seems like a highly rated site and a good place to try to build my own motherboard. Waiting for RDR27000 CAS2 RAM. See this is the ultimate dream machine if it had PC1033 RAM. Will have to wait for that! Asus 533FSB RAMBUS 2.53Ghz Special $1,139 Introductory special on this one also! This is the new Asus P4T533C motherboard, or Intel 850eMVL motherboard (your choice) with 512mb PC800 RAMBUS (Samsung) memory (pair of 256mb) and new Intel 533fsb 2.53Ghz Pentium 4 CPU. Shipping & Packaging adds $20 on this bundle. We use a custom shipping container, and ship the bundle tested with CPU and memory installed. The original motherboard box as well as retail CPU box are included. Price good through Friday.