Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms)


Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms) Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms)
Through centuries of trial and error, anglers have narrowed their bait choices to a few reliables. The following section covers the most popular non-worm bait for freshwater fish. (And by the way, the reason you find certain baits in bait shops is that they really work.)
So how does one go about putting a worm on one's hook? There are three standard ways, and each is illustrated in Figure 1.
Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Worms)
How to hook a worm... The simplest is to push the hook through the smooth or collar section of the worm (A).
It takes a little more finesse, but another method is to put the point through the top of the head and then out through the collar. It gives the worm great action when you move it through the water (B).
Texas rigging is just like the preceding method, except that you turn the hook around and bury the point in the collar so that the worm doesn't hang up in weeds or rocks (C).