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phorum – Dr.Unlock’s GSM forum – Re: unlocking T68I got one and want to swap it for a Voicestream account and vice versa. So I need to unlock the phone. Here are some instructions from a quick search on Google. To get the phone’s IMEI, press: *#06# To get the phone’s Service menu, press: ->, […] I'm in the market I’m in the market for tires. The sites that look the most used are which is Discount Tire Warehouse as well as Like the user feedback there. Also need to check out which is a Canadian company so the exchange rate is quite good. I particularly like the user reviews at […]

Customer Sign-Up. I was just

Customer Sign-Up. I was just in the UK and France with Connie. Amazing how the telecommunications business has changed. Basically, in the UK, from Fresh or Virgin Mobile, you can get 9 or 10 pound phone numbers with 5 pounds worth of minutes (that’s 50 minutes). You have to have a universal GSM phone to […]

ZDNet:IPv6 Tech UpdatePromising trillions of

ZDNet:IPv6 Tech UpdatePromising trillions of addresses and built-in IPSec security, IPv6 was on the brink of replacing IPv4. After years of development, many vendors and industry experts say IPv6 isn’t compelling enough yet for most enterprises to switch. Despite the reluctance to adopt the protocol on these shores, Japan is poised to put IPv6 to […]

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