phorum – Dr.Unlock’s GSM forum – Re: unlocking T68I got one and want to swap it for a Voicestream account and vice versa.
So I need to unlock the phone. Here are some instructions from a quick search on Google.
To get the phone’s IMEI, press:
To get the phone’s Service menu, press:
->, *, <-, <-, *, <-, * From here, select "Service Info", then "SimLock" and it will tell you in which ways your phone is locked. In mine the top one ("Network") is the only one locked (ie you can only connect to AT&T!). Feel free to try calling Ericsson and getting the info straight from them ... also feel free to jump into a time-machine, go a few hours into the future and accomplish the same in the time that passed as you would if you waited on hold for an Ericsson representative. (The answer to the last puzzle is: nothing!)

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  1. Feng Avatar

    For sale (not for exchange) the Program, using codes unlocking algoriythm by IMEI for all
    Motorolla models. Supporting more than 200 models (Asian, American and European).
    Mail me to:
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  2. Rockthesmurf Avatar

    I just wanted to try and warn people before its too late – I have had very bad experiences with IRWEBONLINE for getting my t68i remote unlocked. It has been 10 days since I orded my log, they have taken money from my account, and still not given me the software to unlock my phone, they offered me a chance to cancel my order (that I still haven’t received) and have since said I CAN’T get a cancelation, but CAN get a refund, so I thought hmmm, ok that’ll do, but now they have said I can’t get this either. They haven’t given me a good reason why, just a variety of excuses that have changed every time I ask them. Now I have been forced to contact trading standards to get the situation fixed. It turns out the whole site it just run by a single person, probably from his basement, he’s a very dodgy guy and should not be trusted. My advice is to go somewhere else and pay the extra ?1 or so they charge, at least that way you’ll get it done, instead of just being messed about again and again for the best part of 2 weeks. Steve

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