Tom's Hardware Guide HowTo: Whoohoo!


Tom's Hardware Guide HowTo: Whoohoo! A Mini PC That Goes To The Max - Mini Power Supply v. Standard Power Supply The performance of the ultra-compact PC system is no small feat: equipped in the THG lab with ingredients such as Intel P4/2533, GeForce 4 Ti 4600 and DDR333 RAM, the Shuttle can easily take on high-performance big towers. Computers in the discount class don't have a chance. Added to that, it provides for pleasant noise conditions, thanks to actively regulated heatpipe cooling, and this is not something you're going to find factory-equipped in those antiquated "tin monsters." For a further look at the consistent pace of development, refer to our previous tests Goodbye to Hulking PCs: Athlon Mini-PCs Set The Trend and Build Your Own Mini-PC For The Office.
This is the system I'm going to get for Grace. It is super small and quiet. Just need a video card and it already has 1394 and USB. Whoo hoo!