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All Recipes | Roast Chicken 101. This is a good basic intro to brining a chicken and also to trussing. One secret to really flavorful, juicy roast chicken is brining-i.e., soaking in salt water. Kosher chickens are always brined before selling; this is one of the reasons that kosher birds tend to taste better. To […]

RecipeSource: Brine For Roasted Chicken.

RecipeSource: Brine For Roasted Chicken. Here is another project for the Sunday dinners I’m supposed to do. Again good reviews from Cook’s Illustrated… 3 Lemons, cut in half 1 c Kosher salt 3/4 c Brown sugar 1/3 c Garlic, crushed 3 Bay leaves 1/4 c Whole black peppercorns 5 Jalapenos, split and seeded 1 tb […]

Price Watch ? – Street

Price Watch ? – Street Price Search Engine. Finding the lowest prices on the Internet isn’t easy. Most of the monitoring sites are out of business. The two I use are Pricegrabber for reputable name brand resellers. I also use to see where the rock bottom is for PC and computer prices. It’s a […]

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