September 11th Weblog and Rich's


September 11th Weblog and Rich's Thoughts September 11th will always be a day where something changed, but nothing did. In Seattle, it was a brilliantly sunny and beautiful day (as today was) yet the world felt different.
I went on a 50 mile bike ride after watching the second tower go down, I saw America, it's people, it's land, beautiful Mt. Rainier, incredible lakes, bluer than blue skis.
At the end, I ended up at our startup. It was where I wanted to be. To talk with people, to be a part of a great community.
September 11, like December 7, 1941 was an attack on waht America is and what we believe in. As the son of an immigrant, who arrived in the US, with $20 in 1959, it was a land of hope and prosperity and 40 years later, in a single generation, his entire family has prospered.
I'm living the American Dream. It's a cliche I know, but it's true. It's a spirit that is unique and wonderful. I'm just glad that in the peashooter of life, I got to live it. God bless America.