Here’s how to create a bootable CD with Nero for Windows XP. The links that really explain this in detail seem to go up and down, so use a google search for “Windows XP Boot CD Nero”: to find it.
Here’s the explanation that I found on an “”: site that might or might not be up.
# You basically have to edit the registry “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero – Burning ROM\General\AddISOFileVersion” to 0
# Then you need the get the files xpboot.bin or boot.bin from the CD image of XP.
# Start Nero and use the copy a CD wizard, choose file/new and select CD-ROM (boot) as the what you want to create.
#A New right pane BOOT tab will appear. Select “image File” as the “Source of Boot Image Data” and browse until you point to the “xpboot.img” file you downloaded above, or “xpboot.bin” or “boot.bin” if you already have those files.
# “Enable Expert Settings” and select “NO EMULATION”, Boot Message is MICROSOFT CORPORATION, Load Segment remains default of 07C0, and change Number of Loaded Sectors to 4.
# Click on LABEL Tab, enter the Volume Label as WXPVOL_EN for Corporate Build or whatever is correct. Enter MICROSOFT_CORPORATION as the “Publisher” and “Data Preparer”.
# Click BURN Tab and make sure “Write”, “Finalize CD”, and Write Method of “Disc-At-Once” are checked.
# Click ISO tab to check. The defaults on this tab are correct – they are ISO level 1, Mode 1, ISO 9660, Joliet
# Click “New” in the right corner to add your files. Add files with Drag & Drop as normal. When you have finished with your files, select the “Write CD” icon or “File, Write CD”
# The boot dialog box will pop-up again, and if you’re paranoid you can double check your settings. On the boot tab your “Expert” settings are grayed out, but still there – this is normal.
# Select “Write” and burn your bootable CD.

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  1. Phan Van Manh Avatar

    Hi all, I’m an egineer.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Hi, i’d like to create a bootable cd .. but cannot find xpboot.ini …
    ive searched the cd tho
    can anyone give me a hint pls

  3. Tan Leng Tiong Avatar

    cant access the hyperlink…help

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