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Cnet Video Editing Reviews and PC Magazine Video Editing Review

This is the last link in the chain for me. I've gotten the Canon Camcorder called the Optura MC-1 which is a great handheld. Also now have a monopod for it to keep it steady and just got the Shuttle SS-51G to do the video editing. Now I just need the software. The Sony drive I got called the DRU-120 comes with some software. By the way, there is an update to this drive so the price just dropped to $320 less a $50 rebate. Wow, that's a great price, so I'm out $60, how depressing. But, here are some reviews of editing software. I'm trying the Ulead Studio and the drive comes with NeoDVD. Apparently, you need both a video editor and something to author the DVD menus as well. Right now I'm just short of a firewire cable, so more on this later.