Removing Spyware from Kazaa Install

Removing Spyware from Kazaa Install

Removing Spyware from Kazaa_Quick note, I'm not sure that this works anymore with the latest Kazaa client_
Install Kazaa.
Install Lavasoft's Ad-Aware then use it to scan your computer for spyware. Remove all the spyware found including the spyware that Kazaa put on your system.
Open Up C:program files\Kazaa (or where kazaa was installed to)
Unzip and copy cd_clint.dll into the Kazaa program folder.
Open Up the C:Windows\system
Folder and Copy cd_clint.dll into that folder also.
(Windows NT, 2000 or XP users: if you experience problems, try also placing the fake spyware into the system32 folder that is located in the windows folder)
Use Ad-Aware to scan you computer for spyware again. When it finds the fake spyware (cd_clint.dll) add it to your ignore list so Ad-Aware doesnt delete the fake spyware. This is very important becuase kazaa needs to see the fake spyware to work.
Open up kazaa. If there are no adds it means that the spyware has been successfully removed.
How To Remove the Bitrate limit from Kazaa
What is The Bitrate Limit ?
Open the start menu and click run.
Type in regedit then click OK.
When the window opens up click edit then find.
Type in limitbitrate
When the search finishes double click on limitbitrate
Under value data change 1 to 0.
Click OK then close the rigistry editor.
You are finished. You can now download high quality mp3's from kazaa


  1. I followed the instuctions perfectly, even putting the fake spyware in system32 folder. kazaa still wouldn’t work. it took me to the site telling me i need their spyware.
    any ideas you may have would kick.

  2. Actually, why don’t you give Kazaa Lite a try. It has the spyware removed ahead of time. It is moving around the internet now as Kazaa is trying to stamp it out, so try a google search for kazaa lite.

  3. yeah, i gave up on reg kazaa. kazaa lite is the best. its is totally worth the hype. thanks for your help.

  4. How can I get Kazaa compeletly off of my computer? I have XP and dial-up. I am constantly getting disconnected. I think I have too much running in the background. It is all beyond me.
    Help, please!!!

  5. Doesn’t sound like dial-up disconnect is Kazaa’s fault. If you want to make sure, with most versions of Kazaa, you should be able to go to control panel and then to add/remove programs, find kazaa and remove it.
    If the uninstall is corrupted somehow, then go to c:\program files\kazaa and delete it.
    Finally run Ad Aware or some other spyware remover to get rid of any other nasty bits.

  6. nice work kazza lite ?? what a joke these people bin doing this crap for so long now the wana make money off it haha your fix worked fine 😉

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