Headline NewsHere it is, Headline NewsHere it is, the next set of drives to get. Wow, 3-year warranties and up to 250GB. Drool on! The MaxLine Plus II adds a third platter to the firm?s 7200 RPM design to reach capacities up to 250 GB. The Plus also incorporates an 8-meg cache. Both will be available in ATA-133 […] – Hardware, Benchmarks, Reviews, – Hardware, Benchmarks, Reviews, Reference, Research, and SurveysI’ve been pricing a do-it-yourself kit for Hoops. Here is a good place to get an overview on storage. I use Tom’s Hardware for just about everything else. The current leader is the Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB. I have one and it is like lightening. Another round […]

Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature and

Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity After a great weekend at the Inn at Langley, I realized I’m storing my wine at the wrong temperature. Here’s a recommendation from a wine storage company… Wine should be held at a temperature which assures its proper rate of maturity. It is generally agreed that around 55?F is […]

Philips CEO: LCD prices falling

Philips CEO: LCD prices falling – Tech News – Philips Electronics’ CEO Gerard Kleisterlee on Tuesday acknowledged that prices for liquid-crystal display screens were falling. “Apparently prices are going down. They are getting competitive again. I think we are reaching a point where undersupply is behind us,” Kleisterlee told Reuters at the sidelines of […]

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