Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity After a great weekend at the Inn at Langley, I realized I’m storing my wine at the wrong temperature. Here’s a recommendation from a wine storage company…
Wine should be held at a temperature which assures its proper rate of maturity. It is generally agreed that around 55?F is the optimum temperature for wine storage. Lower temperatures slow development, higher temperatures age the wine prematurely.
Proper humidity is also important to the storage of wine. Too high a humidity will encourage molds to develop and damage labels, too low a humidity can cause corks to dry out. If that happens, the wine will inevitably spoil. A relative humidity of 60% to 70% is considered to be ideal for wine storage

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  1. Liz Avatar

    The article states 55 degrees F. is ideal. What is the range for storage 55 degrees at the coolest to what at the warmest?

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