b2 on a Windows server

b2 on a Windows server is not supported. Wow, still couldn’t get B2 to run, I had forgotten what configuration hell was with all the various INI files. Here are the quick notes from that author on hacking at c:\windows\php.ini…
Too numerous are the threads about problems installing b2 on a Windows server, and too many times it all comes down to a misconfiguration of the php.ini file. Since this is NOT a problem with b2 it is quite innapropriate.
Here are steps to ensure when you edit php.ini to have b2 run properly on Windows (or elsewhere):
– register_globals ON
– include_path must have ‘.’ in it
– error_reporting should not be as paranoid as showing Warnings all the time. you’ll know what I mean when you have a screen filled with Warnings.

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