Configuring PHP 3 and 4,


Configuring PHP 3 and 4, MySQL 3.23, PHPMyAdmin, gd, Zend Optimizer for IIS 5.0 under Windows 2000. OK, to get to Cafe/B2, a great blogger according the blog Compendium, I had to learn how to install MySQL, a terrific free SQL database and also PHP4. Wow, this was pretty tricky to do just by reading the base documentation. Fortunately, Den Bourdon over in France had the easy instructions.
It is amazing how often a simple description can be so hard. The only issue is that his actual test script is written in PHP3, not PHP4, so it doesn't execute right. But, a quick search for "hello world php4 script" at Google got me rapidly to my favorite test script. Google is amazing!