Just $5/month! – Tranquil Hosting(tq).


Just $5/month! - Tranquil Hosting(tq). I need a web hoster that has PHP4 and Mysql support. These are the folks that cafelog.com were using for a while. Wow, great prices. $25/month gets you to 2GB of disk or $15/month gets you 250MB and PHP4 and Mysql. Only issue is that frontpage extensions aren't supported, so I'll have to move off of FrontPage, which I probably need to do anyway. I'm going to investigate other content tools. The main things I use FrontPage for are: a) Navigation. It has nice navigation creation and b) Photo Gallery. A new feature I want to use, although I have ACDSee to do the ugly version of this right now.
So this week is about finding a content and management system with navigation support against PHP4 and Mysql host rather than FrontPage extension hosts. If you have any ideas, send me email