How to install Perl on IIS 4 or 5 Installing PERL on IIS 4 or 5 is fairly straightforward and a good thing too. Here are notes from a great site called

  • Once downloaded, the installation program will take care of everything but there?s one catch. It only installs Perl to be active on the Default Website.
  • Of course, this won?t do, you have to configure it manually for other sites.
  • Parse your .pl or .cgi files through perl.exe. This is simple enough but has a significant performance consideration. Since IIS will call Perl.exe to process each request for a .cgi or .pl file, it creates a new, separate process for each file. This results in many separate processes running which consumes a lot of resources and make for very poor scaling. If you expect to have a popular site, this is not a good choice. It is however, easy and good while troubleshooting since it won?t crash your server if your script fails. You can also run perliis.dll as an ISAPI filter for higher performance but lower stability.
  • Set the permissions correctly. See the page above for detailed steps.
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