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Home Networking
I'm involved with Google results for Home Networking resulted in these hits. I'll be a regular on these, so as of today, here are the top 10 hits with some notes by me.

  1. Home Net Help. I would not have guessed this would be the number one hit.
  2. PracticallyNetworked.com. A good site for home networking with nice reviews.
  3. How Stuff Works. A reminder that raw information is helpful.
  4. Home Toys. Have to check this one out.
  5. Home PC Network. I have to check this one out.
  6. CERT on Security. Interesting the security of networks is so high on the list
  7. Microsoft Home Net. Well, we do see the #1 software brand is right up at the top.
  8. 3Com. This hit is a reminder that brands still matter. Also, John Ludwig points out that they were in the Dell channel. I need to buy one of their units and figure out what makes them so great.
  9. Home Networking News. There is a trade publication for everything. Need to subscribe.
  10. ZDNet Home Networking Guide. How the mighty have fallen. Interesting that ZDNet is just barely in the top 10 and C|Net is nowhere to be seen. Very different from the PC days.