Winter Biking
It’s getting cold in our neck of the woods. I think I Blogged this before, but here are some of the key places that you’ll need to go to get ready:

  1. Fox Wear. This is where I’d stop first. They custom make just about everything and Lou is a great guy who lives in Salmon Idaho. They can make up things for my extra long arms. I’m a 16″ collar but 35″ sleeves kind of guy.
  2. Col d’Liz?rd – Online Catalog. These folks used to be called Gekko Gear and they are like Lou, but tend to have nicer sales for stuff that doesn’t have to fit just right.
  3. Lake MXZ 300. After that, my big problem is how cold my feet get, so I’m trying these boots from the Lickton’s where they seem to stock it.

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