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Tom's Hardware Guide CPU Guide: Hot Contraband: P4 With 3.6 GHz - Comparison Of All P4 CPUs. I can't believe it, but it is time for me to think about upgrading computers again. Our main server is a Pentium IV 450MHz. The screamer of three years ago. Grace has a very fast 2533MHz that I'm addicted to that uses the Northwood "A" core, so it's time to get upgrade the motherboard and processor for the main server and also get connie a new desktop. The question is when.
Thanks to Tom's Hardware, it's pretty clear the next big leap will be Prescott running at 3.5GHz to 5GHz with a 166MHz bus or 666MHz effective bus. That's a June 2003 machine. Wow, that's going to be a fast machine. So the question for me, is wait until next year to do the upgrade or just get a Pentium 2.5GHz with 845G motherboard now. Will depend on pricing. I'm thinking right now that increasing performance by a factor of 5 is probably worth it to get another functioning machine. Then in June, we'll swap the guts out of one of the boxes or get another mini-PC.