Web Hosting, Web Host Buyer's

Web Hosting, Web Host Buyer's

Web Hosting, Web Host Buyer's Guide and Directory of top hosts and reviews. More on Ensim and also about Rackshack, the underlying hoster for Tranquil. Interesting how hosting is now tiered in terms of distribution.
Rackshack. It is like the .com revolution never started when I look at a page like this. It is also cleare to me the revenue model when you see how the pricing works. For instance, you can get an Intel Celeron 1.3GHz hosting machine for $99/month. This has 60GB hard drive and 400GB transfer, so if you can sell it for say $20/month to 6 people, you begin making money. I love the way that they have the number of available servers listed as well.
. What this means to me is that if Mark ever decides to get out of the business, I should probably just get one of these servers for myself 🙂 For instance, for $30/month, you get a 300MB virtual server. Wow, that's great.

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  1. Searching for a new Hosting place
    My friend who runs PromoWeb is getting out of web hosting, so it is time to move. Finding good resources from Rich and a couple of meta sites like Host Web Central, Web Host Ratings and a (fairly) impartial chat…

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