New Years Eve 2002 Dinner

Connie put me in charge the night before, so I was more than a little nervous. Finally decided to do Southwest as a theme because I just couldn’t get pumped about Greek. We use the Pasqual cookbook. It’s a terrific restaurant in Santa Fe. We had an incredible menu thanks to the efforts of Phil, […]

Winter tires

Customer Survey Results. I’m going up into the snow quite a bit this season. Other than borrowing Jennie’s Subaru, I really should get a good set of winter tires. This looks like the best review board. It says, Pirelli Winter 210 Snowsport, Bridgestone LM-22 or the Dunlop Winter Sport M2 are the highest rated by […]

Chris Carmichael Training

Chris Carmichael Training Camps. I’m going to have to go to one of his camps this year. The March one is closed unfortunately. Maybe the September one. Lance Armstrong: Member Journals: CTS Cafe: Carmichael Training Systems Also, here’s a great place to see Lance’s training diary. It’s sort of like a blog. Fun reading.

Eureka mail2entry for MovableType

Joi Ito’s Web: mail2entry script for MT moblog. Thank you Joi, Thank you Joi. You’ve just saved me days of work. I was just about to get started on the same project and you’ve done it for me. I’m going to be moving a bunch of folks over to MovableType and this was the one […]

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