Month: December 2002

Merry Christmas

0 Comment I hate home. Sorry that Kevin hates home. I’ve felt the same way. Can only say that sometimes it gets better (and sometimes it doesn’t). Amazing how people can get on each others nerves, but that’s the holidays. For me, I’m just happy that the holidays are great fun for all of us now!

Glogs, Moblogs and Blogs

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Joi Ito’s Web: Steve Mann on glogs. Joi Ito points out Steve Mann’s writings on so called glogs. Given digital cameras, I think he means more like mobile photo blogs moplogs??? There really isn’t a good way to point through an article on MovableType, so this is the best way I’ve found.

Yahoo vs. Google

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Joi Ito’s Web: Yahoo getting ready to kick Google off portal?. It’s amazing to me to see how Google has managed to overtake Yahoo in the search business. Goes to show that technology can beat raw human power. What has surprised me is that Yahoo has been so slow to react. I’ve noticed for the…

Seattle Florists

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Ed over at Hynomics has a great idea. He has a florist who sends his wife flowers every month. I’m going to start the same tradition with Connie. Here are two florists in Seattle that I really like: Flowers on 15th: Florist and Landscaping Services on Capitol Hill, Seattle. These folks do the arrangements over…

Kid Friendly Hotels in NYC

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Kid Friendly Hotels in NYC. We’re off to New York and we wanted to find some kid friendly hotels there. A quick search with Expedia revealed many nice deals, but it wasn’t clear what the good kid places were. Frommers and helped with: The Best Hotel Bets for Families Most Family Friendly: The Doubletree…

Seattle Cinerama — Thank You Paul

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Seattle Cinerama Technical Innovations. Thank you Paul Allen for the most incredible movie theater I’ve ever been to. Paul renovated the Cinerama in downtown Seattle and if you are ever in town. You just have to visit. If I had time I’d go to every movie there just to see and hear it. Here’s why…