Hosting Unstood (volume ii)

BLOGGED —at Another amazing site. This is supposed to be hosted by a 16 year old in the Phillipines. Amazing, not sure I believe it, but pretty amazing. She is another person who does hosting of others via this incredibly complex ISP network:

  1. The Protagnist is an 800MB virtual server offering plans at $4/month for 100MB.
  2. Host Radius. They have plans for 800MB for $12/month or 3GB for $35. They were started this summer and have a single server it looks like. They even say the $12 plan is good for hosting a bunch of your friends
  3. Dedicated now. Underneath them is the actual dedicated servers that are in a managed facility. This has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plans are $120/month for a 60GB hard disk Pentium 1.7Ghz running Linux if the machine is dedicated. I don’t exactly understand how the pricing. You can see that you can get something like 60 sites at $12 each on a 60GB machine so that nets you $720/month on a $120/month machine.
  4. Pegasus. Underneath that is a management company that does it all. They have three companies, Pwebtech, Mehost and DedicatedNow all essentially selling out of the same data center.

Hosting Guides

If that isn’t confusing, what isn’t? Of course, you can also use some of the hosting rating services to figure out what you need. The top ones according to google are:

  • Web Host Ratings. But this one only does shared hosting reviews
  • HostRecord. The second most hit, but this one seems to cover all types of hosting.

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  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    No problem, Martin, it is a little confusing, but you can definitely save money by using one of these hosters.

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    Here is how hosting really works
    Thanks to Rich for laying it all out.. Tong Family Blog: Hosting Unstood (volume ii) BLOGGED…

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    Very useful. I am changing.

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    Most Popular Web Hosting Plans at

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