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The Outlook Killer?. I think Ludwig blogged this before I switched to MovableType, but I saw this article again. I think he is right aobut the problems. It shouldn’t take all that much money to make it work and Chandler looks interesting.

This next take on Outlook could of course benefit from the right kind of client independent talking to a server asynchronously and with non-blocking calls tremendously. An interesting area to think about, although it is not clear how to monetize it. Seems like a good open client would be very interesting to folks to add things to

10 Things That Bug Kapor About Outlook. with Rich’s take

  1. It’s too damn complicated.
  2. The interface is counterintuitive.Except that it finally has good calendaring
  3. Remote performance is lousy.
  4. It requires an Exchange server.
  5. Despite all its advanced features, you still can’t do anything.For instance, try to make a Christmas list out of contacts. It is impossible for me
  6. It’s overkill for small to medium-size companies.And most users
  7. It’s not multi- or cross-platform.
  8. The send and receive function is unpredictable.
  9. It lacks useful email organization features.Interesting to see how hard it is to add a junk mail filter to it for instance
  10. It’s not open source. And there is no way for a novice like me to extend it

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