Seattle Cinerama — Thank You Paul

Seattle Cinerama — Thank You Paul

Seattle Cinerama Technical Innovations. Thank you Paul Allen for the most incredible movie theater I've ever been to. Paul renovated the Cinerama in downtown Seattle and if you are ever in town. You just have to visit. If I had time I'd go to every movie there just to see and hear it. Here's why (from their website):

Digital Cinema

Cinerama is one of the first theaters in the world to be completely wired for digital cinema, a remarkable new technology that utilizes powerful video servers and broadband fiber optic connections to feed digitized motion pictures directly to movie projectors. The latest Star Wars used this technology. OK movie, incredible picture

Sound System

Cinerama?'s state-of-the-art digital sound and acoustics system, designed by renowned sound consultant Neil Grant, takes strategically positioned EAW-brand speakers and amplifiers and pairs them with a series of computer-designed and -positioned sound baffles to keep sound rich and clear. Cinerama patrons are completely enveloped in a surround-sound experience, regardless of where they sit in the theater.

Projection Equipment

Seattle's Cinerama is equipped to show both 35mm and 70mm films. Project managers embarked on a world-wide search to find a salvageable Norelco AAII projector, originally manufactured in the 1950s. Widely regarded as the best 70mm projector ever made, the Norelco provides an extraordinarily bright and stable image. Seattle’s Cinerama also features three Cinerama projectors, making the landmark theater one of only two movie houses in the world currently capable of presenting true Cinerama extravaganzas as they were intended to be seen.

For more details see Cineram Technology explained

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