Glogs, Moblogs and Blogs


  1. I came across your site, discussing glogs.
    I think we’re all cyborgs, in many ways (with portable phones, portable cameras, etc.), so as the technology becomes easier to use, and requires less conscious thought or effort, it’s easier to glog. But I think glogging (e.g. “stream of deconscious weblogging”) can be done with fixed (base station), mobile (automotive), or portable (handheld, wearable, etc.) devices, so it really comes down to a matter of philosophy. See
    I would welcome your comments on this, especially on the notion of attribution-free glogs. This really tries to get to the idea of a collective deconsciousness.

  2. Thanks for the post. Super interesting sites. I do agree this kind of auto blogging is very cool. Will be interesting to study and try. The cutting edge really.

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