It's been about a year since I really studied the home theater market. Well, both Dad and Jennie are in the market for new sets, so it's time to dive right back in. Here are the sources I used:


  1. I’ve got a pioneer plasma and have been a little unhappy with the fan noise and hi-freq electrical whine that comes from it. after doing a lot of frequency analysis in the room and around the screen, we determined the noise was coming right thru the front of the screen. the only way to fix would be to put a plexi sheet in front of the plasma to create a sealed cabinet for the plasma, and then vent the cabinet out the back somehow. so just be aware of noise considerations.

  2. Yuck. That’s a real problem. Last thing you want is a noisy television. Good to know. I think I’m going to buy my last CRT television then.

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