Connie's New Car

Well, our 1996 Volvo was really in the shop quite a bit last year, so Connie would love a new one. She loves the Volvo brand and the new 2003 Volvo XC90
seems just the ticket given the number of bodies we need to take around. The main issue is that the third seat is really for tiny, tiny people. Also folks tell us it is just about unavailable. For me as techno-geek, I of course want the DVD navigation system, the Dolby Surround II sound. Yet, the idea of buying a 5,000 pound car is just appalling to me. So, here are some other suggestions of mine

  • Honda Odyssey. She just hated the idea of a mini-van. Maybe I should just get one, but then what’s the point? It was supposed to be a new car for her. Lots of rumbles about reliability though, so I need to check Consumer Reports. And, yes, I should really get a Chrysler according to many including Slivka, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it.
  • Volvo lease. Get one on lease and when Grace can’t stand the backseat, hope the trade-in time comes.
  • Wait for the all wheel drive odyssey or my favoriate choice, a hybrid Honda

5 responses to “Connie's New Car”

  1. omar Avatar

    We bought an XC90 in 2003 and think it a perfect family SUV.
    A NOTE OF CAUTION — our XC90 has developed serious safety problems. In our case, the AWD system malfunctions without any warnings to the driver and causes the vehicle to drive very erratically. The problem was confirmed by a dealer six month ago, but neither they nor Volvo can fix it. Turns out my XC90 doesn’t report any diagnostic codes for the AWD failures. The dealer and Volvo have replaced lots of items, including the AWD transmission, but my XC90 is still broken.
    The Volvo regional manager for my area says all he’s willing to do is keep trying to fix it. He doesn’t seem to care that I’m driving an unsafe example of what’s supposed to be the safest SUV in the world.
    IF YOU OWN OR BUY AN XC90 MAKE SURE YOU REPORT A SUSPECTED AWD PROBLEM DURING YOUR NEXT SERVICE CALL, or you may be stuck with your XC90 if it develops this problem after it’s out of warranty — just as I am now.
    My proposed Volvo tagline — Safest cars in the world. Unless the one we built you has safety problems we can’t fix. Then you are on your own.

  2. Ben Slivka Avatar

    I’m on my *second* Chrysler minivan! First was a 1996 Town & Country LXi, the current one is the 2001 Town & Country Limited AWD: all-wheel drive, best 0-60 time of any minivan (at the time we bought it), power sliding rear doors and rear hatch, decent user interface, and actually handles well (way better than the Ford Windstar’s we sometimes rent from Hertz). You can also pull out the two middle row captains chairs, move the rear bench to the middle position, and it will hold two adult bicycles fully assembled plus three kids and two adults! I’d love for Chrysler to spend a thousand dollars more on the interior and lose the plastic wood, but otherwise fabulous. Of course I’d love the Mercedes-Benz GST (see, but that is not out until the end of 2004!

  3. Rich Tong Avatar

    Main problem with the Allroad, is that we need a bus with seven seats. Three rows of seats if you can believe it.
    So, Heather, when we buy one, should we put down an order for you too?

  4. Heather Avatar

    I want a Volvo XC too!!!

  5. Rob Avatar

    We just got the Audi Allroad wagon and are really, really happy with it. You should definitely take a look at them.

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