Trillian: All purpose IM


  1. Dude, I loved the concept of Trillian as well. Problem is that they are behind the power curve keeping their client up to date with the networks and the networks don’t like their client. Therefore you get alot of failure with it. I have had Trillian up and MSN IM up side by side and can’t complete a conversation in Trillian because it keeps disconnecting me where the MSN client is stable. Buyer be ware….

  2. That may differ for different peeps. I have had way more failures with MSN than Trillian. The only thing that is annoying about Trillian is that they bunch up all of your buddies (their screenames) from your different screenames into one. So the next time (for aol users) you log onto aol there you have all of the buddies mixed in that you had separated.

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