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. Serdar, asked me to post photos of my main bike. It’s really not a 5900 technically, but a builtup OLCV 110 frame, but its easier to explain it to folks as a 5900 with totally different components. It is a nice bike, although I like the 2002 colors quite a lot. Main thing is that I’m far too poor a rider, but what the heck, it was fun buying the frame off of ebay and then scouring the web buying components for it. In case you’re wondering, it’s sub 17 pounds depending on the number of lights that I carry. Here’s an equipment breakdown:
* 2001 Trek OLCV 110 Frame and Fork. Via ebay, I actually bought it using the Blackberry wireless browser while on a trip with the kids. How nerdy!
* 2001 Campagnolo Record-10 Component Gruppo. Courtesy of Excel and “Total Cycling”: Also the Campy bike computer which I love. Total Cycling can have terrific prices even though they are in Ireland.
* 2000 Ksyrium and 2002 Ksyrium wheelset. A long story, but I got hit by a Dodge Ram in early 2002 and had to replace the rear wheels. The first set via ebay, the second via Gregg’s Greenlake Cycles.
* Michelin Open Pro. That’s what I’m using right now. I’ve also used the Continental Grand Prix 3000 with good success for 1,500 miles. Tried the Veloflex Pave but destroyed the tire in 50 miles and then Vittoria Open Corsa and destroyed that in 100 miles. So, I’m going to have to try these again.
* ICON Sterling Stem and 3T 199 Bars. I’m going to get a new set some day. I’m lusting after the Cinelli Ram, an integrated stem/bar in carbon fiber. But, the more economical thing might be to get the Easton EC90 in 31.8 mm and then a carbon fiber stem like the Time Monolink or a magnesium one like the Deda Newton Mag 00.
* Selle Italia SLR Saddle and Alien Carbon Seat Post. Looks like a medieval torture device, but I’ve found the 135 gram SLR to be very comfortable. The SLR after 700 miles is definitely wearing though, so durability could be a problem.
* Light and Motion Arc and Arc Cabeza and “Lightman Strobe”: Having been hit in broad daylight, the most important equipment is the five pounds of lights that I carry. These lights throw an incredible amount of light and I highly recommend it. You can typically get the Light & Motion stuff on sale periodically from Colorado Cyclist, Excel Sports and Supergo if you watch. Typically $350-370. The Lightman should be about $16 if you search with google.

4 responses to “Trek 5900”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Wow, Jim a great bike and wonderful components. I hear the Race-x-lite wheels are wonderful and you know I like the Selle Italia SLR seat as well.
    We should have a 5900 club!

  2. Jim Rogers Avatar

    I built my “5900” using a frame 2002 model. I have Dura Ace fronnt and rear derailleurs,105 sti brake levers, Ultegra brake calipers, and Campy record pedals, Alien seatpost, Easton EC-90 carbon handlebar, Bontrager race-x-lite wheels, and Selle Italia xtra light seat. Bontrager race-x-lite tires too. I like your bike… is a url to my bike:

  3. Rich Tong Avatar

    It is a nice one. A great pleasure to ride. I use Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance myself and it helped me to build the bike from scratch with the kids. Good luck. Ride on!

  4. Serdar Kilic Avatar

    Very nice machine Rich. I’ve been inspired enough to bring out my Barnett’s books and have a go at putting my bike together 🙂

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