Santa Cruz Blur


I've been looking for a mountain bike for a while and had my heart set on an Ellsworth Truth. Seemed perfect, but then the Blur came along and now there are too many choices again. But, here are some reviews of it that make it sound so sweet:

  • Santa Cruz Blur Review in Mountain Bike November 2002. I?m lucky I work for a magazine that embraces the idea of comparative testing, because it would be difficult not to compare every bike I test from now on to the Blur. Everyone keeps talking about the new revolution in suspension; well it isn?t on the horizon anymore, and it?s available with custom-made titanium hardware and aluminum pivot shafts for hundreds of dollars less than either the heavier Specialized Epic (Which we?ll test next month) or the Intense Spider XVP frames. This is the only XC bike on the market that can tackle terrain that XC bikes aren?t supposed to be able to tackle. The Blur is incredibly versatile, and its arrival establishes Santa Cruz as the industry?s current suspension leader.
  • ConsumerGuide - Santa Cruz Blur Recommended. The Blur is one of the most exciting things to happen to suspension in years. It?s a virtual pivot point bike, a new breed of suspension bikes that attempts to solve the old problem of making a suspension that moves only when you want it to by moving the main pivot point.
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