Speaker Mounts and Stands

Axiom Forum. I’ve always been looking for speakers stands and mounts. here’s a list from Axiom forum: * “Btech”:http://btech-usa.com * “Omnimount”:http://omnimount.com * “Vogels”:http://vogelsusa.com * “Racks and Stands”:http://www.racksandstands.com/. And amazingly, there is an entire online store dedicated to just mounts

Network MP3 Players

So I have an Audiotron that takes MP3s from my PC and plays them over the stereo. Need another one now. Here are the latest ones. * “PC World Overview”:http://www.pcworld.com/resource/article/0,aid,108818,00.asp. A good overview of Primiq, HP, Cd30. There are five others not mentioned, but they were announced at CES. * “TechTV: cd3o first look”:http://www.techtv.com/freshgear/products/story/0,23008,3414506,00.html. YOu […]

Powell vs. Rumsfeld

More on what is supposedly happening inside the administration: * Advisers Split as War Unfolds (washingtonpost.com). Interesting inside view on what is happening and how Powell is playing consumate insider vs. Rumsfeld. Also on Rumsfeld’s larger ambitions. * “Offense and Defense”:http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?030407fa_fact1. Seymour Hersch is another reporter with view on the inside. Has some interesting things […]

Home Theater Reviews and Direct Sellers

Figuring out who to listen to (no pun intended) for home theater equipment isn’t easy. Here are the places I check out: * “Home Theater Spot”:http://hometheaterspot.com. OK, so I know Paul who runs it, but he’s an expert at great home theater video particularly. * “Home Theater Magazine”:http://hometheatermag.com. They have most of their reviews archived. […]

Long War

I’ve been following the news like everyone else. Since everyone is giving opinions, I thought I’d give mine based on years of in-fighting in a big company. Here’s my bet about what is going on: * Rumsfeld Faulted For Troop Dilution. First, I don’t know, but I would bet that Rumsfeld is one of those […]

Home Theater Recommendations

At last something that isn’t about the war. I’m putting together a home theater system for my dad. This is a mid-range one and includes the following: * “Pioneer SD533HD5”:http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=585816. Actually I probably should have gotten a unit with DVI for the future (this is a new fangled digital connector), but didn’t understand it until […]

More Factoids for Techie Geeks

CDI Defense Alamanac 2002. Another great compendium of facts about the military. From the NY Times reference “Iraq Navigator”:http://www.nytimes.com/ref/international/IRAQ_NAVIGATOR.html?pagewanted=all&position=top. Interesting facts: US Army Divisions 1990: 18 US Army Divisions in “Desert Storm”:http://www.desert-storm.com/soldiers/army.html : 8 US Army Divisions 2002: 10 US Army Divisions in Iraq so far: 2 (+1 on the way) US Navy Carriers 1990: […]

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