Figuring out who to listen to (no pun intended) for home theater equipment isn’t easy. Here are the places I check out:
* “Home Theater Spot”: OK, so I know Paul who runs it, but he’s an expert at great home theater video particularly.
* “Home Theater Magazine”: They have most of their reviews archived.
* “The Perfect Vision”: Unfortunately, most of their reviews do require you put down some cash. Easiest thing to do is to actually subscribe.
* SoundStage! Reviewers’ Choice. Not sure how good these are, but an interesting list of reviews.
Another interesting thing is how you can pretty much buy some great equipment direct from manufacturers rather than via dealers. Here’s a list of equipment that have gotten great reviews that are available:
* “Outlaw Audio”: They have a very good, but inexpensive receiver the Outlaw 1050 for $500. They also have a well reviewed pre-amp/amp combination for $1,700.
* “Better Cables”: Great high end cables at a low price.
* “SVS Subwoofers”: I don’t have a set myself, but I’ve heard great things about their subwoofers.
* “Axiom Audio Speakers”: I don’t own this set, but the seems to love these speakers. Very reasonable prices. The M2i is just $255 a pair.

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