The internet is an amazing place. I somehow got a hit from someone in the US Air Force who is shipping out soon. His Washington license is expired and he asked me of all folks what to do. Nice to be a geek and help someone who is really in the nation’s service. BTW, if you are interested DOL – Military Designated Driver Licenses tells all about what to do. It’s quite a good program except that you actually have to be in the State of Washington to get this military license and by definition most folks are not.
OTOH, I just read the “statute”: and it doesn’t say that you have to apply. Just says that the license is valid as long as you are in the service. Go figure.

2 responses to “Military Driver License in Washington”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Nope, these are driver licenses that just don’t expire in the same way. Given all the folks in Iraq and Afghanistan its a big problem. There is something called an International Drivers License which basically is a translation document for foreign official so they can grok your US drivers license. I’ve driven around the world using a US drivers license, but havne’t been pulled over so I can’t tell you what exactly happens if you show your US one.

  2. drunk driver Avatar

    Are those licenses good world wide? I heard about people getting licenses that are good in every country. I figure driving here would be like driving anywhere else.

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